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How to stay organized at work

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Now that everything is W.F.H. and for those of you that have never seen "WFH" before, it is short for Work From Home. It is a crazy transition, but you must stay healthy to keep growing and living! Therefore getting organized will mediate a lot your day to day stresses. Its start of with a list of things you must do everyday to generate revenue, maintain your home, and creating a schedule to maximize your time.

Once this is done you can change your windows of time to reflect the changes that your company needs to thrive in today's economy, whether you are a service provider, consultant, restaurant owner, or Realtor, to name a few, using objectives and key results will help pave the way to your vision and keep you organized.

The definition of “OKRs” is “Objectives and Key Results.” It is a collaborative goal-setting tool used by teams and individuals to set challenging, ambitious goals with measurable results. OKRs are how you track progress, create alignment, and encourage engagement around measurable goals.

To learn more about, click on my OKR Guide!

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